Today we are going to do a SeekaHost review. We will find out if it is the best PBN hosting for our PBN sites or not?

Choosing a web hosting for our online venture is always a difficult task. Because there are hundreds of web hosting companies available in the market. all these web hosting companies are trying their best to sell you their plans.

However, choosing a web hosting for a blog is the most difficult task. It is way more difficult than choosing the name of the blog. the reason is that web hosting is responsible for keeping our blog online. If the web hosting servers go down then so is the blog.

We can understand it as the heart of the blog. all the data and information is processed on the servers only. So it becomes very important to choose the right web hosting that will manage your blog efficiently.

A bad web hosting can easily destroy all your websites reputation and performance. So it is advisable to choose only the best web hosting in the market.

Now, if you are a webmaster who uses PBN sites to get high authority backlinks to rank faster in the google search engine. However, it also called black SEO in the digital marketing world. The PBN sites are a collection of expired blogs that are used by some marketers to generate backlinks. These sites are in large numbers so for this many web hosting is required.

As you know a basic web hosting for a normal blog usually costs around 3$ so you can imagine how much it will cost for 50-100 PBN sites to run.

So, here comes the SeekaHost to save you from the dilemma. We are going to explore the SeekaHost in more detail in this article.

SeekaHost Review

SeekaHost is the best and reliable web hosting for webmasters who own multiple sites or single sites. It is a very affordable web hosting that provides great support for PBN sites. They offer unique IPs for every unique site.

So, google's algorithm will be unable to detect any black hat SEO practices and your website will be kept safe from any ban.

SeekaHost provides 3 types of web hosting that are:

·       Personal hosting

·       Business hosting

·       PBN hosting

1. Personal Hosting

SeekaHost provides personal hosting for those who own small and single websites. So for them, they provide suitable web hosting plans that are very affordable and reliable for their small blogs.

SeekaHost divided personal hosting into further three divisions for a better service plan. They are small, medium and large. As you can understand from their name only. The small hosting is for the small and new blog and medium and large as follows.

The personal hosting plans are the cheapest web hosting plans in the market. you will be saving a lot of money in your pockets because you don't have to spend much on expensive web hosting companies.

2. Business Hosting

SeekaHost's business hosting plan is for those marketers who own multiple websites. They can manage all their websites from a single web hosting. so it makes the work easy and efficient for them.

The business hosting further divides into basic, standard, premium and unlimited. In the basic hosting plan they provide domain hosting limit up to 5 domains. And this limited increases with the plans.

The unlimited hosting plan is best suitable for enterprises. They offer unlimited domain hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. They also provide complete support and free SSL certificates for all your domain names.

3. PBN Hosting

SeekaHost's PBN hosting is a complete package for webmasters who want to do SEO. They can easily host multiple PBN sites with unique IPs to be undetectable by google. Otherwise, Google will ban the website if they get to know. So SeekaHost provides the best IPs for separate domain names.

These IPs are safe for all your PBN sites and you can form a network for sites in less money. you will get PBN hosting in less than a dollar.

The IPs are offered as the package. In the basic PBN hosting plan you will get 5 IPs for 5 domain names and you can get more IPs in higher plans.

SeekaHost Features

SeekaHost provides great support to its customers and also provide the best features to manage the sites very effectively.

Wordpress Installation

In SeekaHost all the plan comes with automatic WordPress installation. So you don't have to worry about the WordPress installation. You can imagine, how much time it will take to install WordPress when you host hundreds of websites.

To our surprise, you can also go for the WPX hosting which is one of the best hosting for WordPress users. It offers an exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon as well which lets you earn a massive discount on all of its hosting.

So to reduce your efforts, they provide automatic WordPress installation.

Free Website Transfer

As you know, for moving your site from another hosting you have to pay the migration fee. This fee can be expensive if you have to move multiple websites. But in SeekaHost you get free site migration. so you don't have to pay any money to move your websites on SeekaHost servers.

Free SSLs

For the secure status on your website. an SSL certificate is required but it comes with a good cost. You can imagine how much you will have to pay if you have many websites. So to provide you good service they offer free SSL certificates to all your websites. This will save you a lot of money.

100% Server Uptime

SeekaHost provides robust servers that stay up all the time. They offer a 100% server uptime. This means there is no chance of your blog unavailable for the users. so this will increase the user experience on your blog and people will visit again.

SEO Experts

SeekaHost realizes the need for hosting for digital marketers and SEO needs. They are the only web hosting providers that provide the best and cheap hosting for SEO strategies. They offer 24/7 SEO experts for your service. You can easily contact them for any kind of query and solution.

Final Words

We have explored the SeekaHost in detail and we can say that it is one of the best web hosting for webmasters. Those who want reliable and powerful hosting for their PBN sites then SeekaHost is the solution.